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A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Inubara Akaihana, Shinigami (Approved)

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Inubara Akaihana

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PostSubject: Inubara Akaihana, Shinigami (Approved)   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:15 pm

Name: Inubara Akaihana

Age: 175

Visual Age: 25

Years since Entrance into the Gotei 13: 70

Gender: Male

Division: Twelfth

Rank: Lieutenant

Appearance: Inubara wears the basic Shinigami robes, only discernable from a crowd by the steel gray gloves that stretch up his arms, reaching up to his shoulders. Each glove has a different marking on them, the right one has a single long black stripe going down the side, and the other has a cross decorating it. Aside from these gloves, and the way his long black hair is tied back with the hem of his robes, he blends in perfectly with all other regular Shinigami. Sometimes, this makes it harder for him to get work done, but largely it helps him get information from others.

Personality: Inubara is cold and calculating, doing anything to complete the goal lined up for him. His mindset is very much like that of a shogi player, always thinking three steps ahead of his opponent to corner them.

Fighting Style: Inubara’s style relies on quick, calculated strikes and careful placement of his weapons. He often is willing to take a strike from his foe just to put a piece of his trap together.

Background: Inubara died in a fire when he was very young, too young to even really know what was going on. He never really understood what he was going through, not until his seventh year in the Soul Society when he was attacked by a Hollow. He had made it through until then, just by people feeling sorry for him and helping him out.

But, once he managed to escape that Hollow, everything changed. People talked about him in his little section of Rukongai, and what he heard was very seldom nice. Some people called him a Hollow, others called him a monster. Nobody really gave him a chance, he was judged before he ever got to explain a thing.

It was then that he decided to throw his emotions away, to focus entirely on survival and any task he would be given by either himself or a superior. Nothing would stop him from becoming one of those ‘Soul Reapers’ he had heard so much about, and nothing would stop him from killing every single Hollow he came across as a type of revenge.

So he trained, at first with his fists against the ruffians he found, and then with a short blade he won in a duel. This cycle of beating people up and then changing weapons kept going for thirteen years, until he reached his eightieth year in the Rukon District. Then, where there was nobody left to beat near him, Inubara began focusing on intellect.

He had found his afterlife empty, even with all the fighting. He’d even noticed traces of his own spiritual energy developing, but he still had nothing truly interesting to occupy his time with. So, he learned whatever he could. No matter how trivial the information, he filed it away for future use. One of the most useful pieces of information he ever got was the one that involved where the Soul Reaper Academy was located, and how one could get into it.

However, his time at the Academy was rather uneventful. He found out that the fighting skills and intellect he prided himself on were rather common around here. So, he focused on the one thing nobody else really cared for: Zanpakuto Studies. He learned how various events in one’s human life could cause different types of Zanpakuto to materialize, and even how your personality altered the blade.

Through this knowledge, he estimated that his Zanpakuto would be one of fire and brute force, likely to smash someone to bits. He was almost disappointed when he finally learned Shikai, and realized just how off his guesswork was. Instead of getting something big and grandiose, he got a weapon based on trickery and pure strategy.
When he graduated, he was accepted into the Twelfth Division, one of the two he figured would least likely fit him. He had expected Eleventh, or Ninth at the very least, not a Division focused on research and development.

Over time though, his thoughts changed as he was welcomed into the group of odd people that ran this Squad. He was accepted for his intellect and was praised for his strategic thought process.
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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Inubara Akaihana, Shinigami (Approved)   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:20 pm

I see no problems at all.

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Inubara Akaihana, Shinigami (Approved)
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