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A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Sokkin RP Sample (Approved)

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PostSubject: Sokkin RP Sample (Approved)   Sun Mar 07, 2010 9:21 pm

Today was the day that Sokkin was dreading for a long time; he had promised his squad that he would take them out to train on some hollows. Sokkin's day was already going bad with the stacks of paperwork that he had to complete and now he had to take his squad to an area where there are a lot of hollows.

Sokkin finally rounded up most of the squad that he promised to take with him to the area to fight the hollows. Going with Sokkin was 11 other squad 5 members including a 5th seat and a 7th seat the rest were basically unknown. The weather began to get horrible, rough and heavy winds were rushing by the 12 travelling Shinigami. Sokkin's long hair kept getting in the way of his vision making him walk like he is drunk.

Sokkin and his 11 squad members got to the location but there was one thing Sokkin wasn't counting on, there were no hollows there.

“Okay spread out and if you do find a hollow dash back here and call out to the rest of us."

Sokkin said as he began to walk north towards the sun. Sokkin felt it was a bad idea sending each person on their own knowing that many of the members wouldn't be able to take on a hollow on their own yet. Suddenly Sokkin had heard a scream from the direction of this other team members, he quickly shunpo'd back to where he told his team to meet. No one else knew what the screams were but Sokkin quickly done a head count and one of his members were gone.

“Damn it... This is my entire fault! Fuck!"

Sokkin said as he punched his open palm with his right fist. A loud roar was heard about 100 meters away. Sokkin didn't want to risk any more of his squad members.

“You guys stay here I will check it out."

Sokkin said as he began to walk towards where the roar was first heard. As he got to where he through the roar was made all that was there was blood, Sokkin quickly drew his Zanpakutou out of its cover and tried to sense for reiatsu of his fellow team member, but there was nothing...the squad member had been killed by the hollow. A dark cave was ahead and Sokkin proceeded to see if the hollow was in there. He stood out the front of the cave and tried to see if he could sense or see anything. But before he could take a good look a large red beam came bursting towards Sokkin which he narrowly dodged and a large Gillian Hollow emerged with several smaller hollows.

The 5th and 7th seat quickly dashed by Sokkin's side as they sensed that there was more than one hollow Sokkin had to fight. The 5th seat turned to Sokkin.

"The others are fine, and I guess you need some help."

Sokkin shook his head and pushed both the 5th and 7th seat behind him.

“I’m sorry I don't need your help...He died because of me and I will kill these hollows on my own."

Sokkin said as he shunpo'd behind one of the smaller hollows slicing it in half.
One down... Sokkin said as he shunpo'd again on top of another of the smaller hollows thrusting his Zanpakutou directly through its head. Sokkin jumped back and held his sword directly towards the hollows.

" Mess Around, Daijiri."

Sokkin's Zanpakutou then formed into a small shotgun which could control the gravity within 50 feet of the gun.

“Guys, leave now...Go to the others and get them back to the headquarters; i don't want you two being affected by my shikai's ability."

The 5th and 7th seat then quickly nodded and dashed towards the rest of the team and left Sokkin behind to take on the rest of the hollows. The other four smaller hollows then ran at Sokkin attempting to slash him but as they got 5 feet away from Sokkin he changed the gravity to low forcing the hollows to stay higher in there jump leaping over Sokkin.

Sokkin then turned around and aimed his shotgun at the smaller hollows.

" Seishou Bakuha!"

He called as he quickly charged up his shotgun and pulled the trigger releasing 50 shotgun shell sized reiatsu bullets which connected with all the smaller hollows killing them painfully. Sokkin turned towards the Gillian hollow which blasted out another large cero. Sokkin then charged his shotgun up again for another attack.

"Good Bye..."

Sokkin calmly called as he faced the shotgun straight towards the cero which the Gillian had released towards Sokkin.

" Seishou Kousen!"

Sokkin called as he released a large gray beam towards the cero smashing it out of the way and destroying the hollow instantly after connection. Sokkin then walked into the cave and looked at the body of his dead Shinigami squad member. He changed his Shikai back to his normal Zanpakutou and sheathed it back. Sokkin then put the dead Shinigami over his shoulders and began to walk back to the headquarters to give the Shinigami a proper burial.

“I’m sorry young Shinigami... Your life was cut short because of my stupid decision...I shall never leave a team member on their own again for as long as I am Captain of Squad 5!"
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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Sokkin RP Sample (Approved)   Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:59 pm

Well, we might still have issue about your Zanpakuto but that is besides the point here. You use your character well.


You are officially the captain.
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Sokkin RP Sample (Approved)
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