Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Ginbara Koumyaku, Espada (Approved)

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Ginbara Koumyaku

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PostSubject: Ginbara Koumyaku, Espada (Approved)   Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:03 pm

Name: Ginbara Koumyaku (Silver Rose Streak)

Age: 300

Visual Age: 29

Gender: Male

Rank: Sexta Espada

Aspect of Death: Deception

Appearance: Not believing in letting much of anything slow down his speed, Ginbara has fixed up his Arrancar uniform so it does not bog him down at all. Around his upper body is a tight, form-fitting vest that seems to be tied every two or three inches with black string. Right at his shoulder blade, the cloth is ripped off, leaving his slightly muscular, tanned arms hanging out. At his wrists, he wears fingerless white leather gloves, underneath the left one is a tattoo of the number six.
His waist and upper legs are covered by a thin white sash, used to keep his leggings perfectly in place during combat. Under that makeshift belt, a slightly baggy, light gray hakama can be seen, the very bottom of which is tucked into a pair of solid white, rubber-treaded boots.
Sitting atop his head like a crown is his last remaining fragment of his hollow mask: A pair of white, almost bone-like sunglasses that he flips down in battle to cover up his light blue eyes. He has medium-length dark, almost blood colored hair that seems to be permanently slicked back, maybe because of how he always travels at breakneck speeds.

Personality: Ginbara doesn’t believe in ever showing his full hand. His personality is one that involves distracting the opponent with remarks normally reserved for those of low intelligence. His true strength lies in his incredibly quick thinking and his adaptability. His apparent lack of strategic strength is only the first of many false senses of security he plans to put his foe into. While he seems like a carefree individual, he’s truly a rather intelligent individual.
When asked to perform as a leader though, Ginbara tends to shrug off the responsibility. His method of hiding his true self has made it so not even his underlings really understand how he thinks. Due to this, the Primera tends to avoid asking him to lead any missions, knowing it’ll just end with Ginbara doing the task his own way.

Fighting Style: As far as combat goes, he focuses completely on speed. His powerful strikes come from the raw speed he exhibits. Due to his intense training on his legs and speed, his kicks are much more powerful than his hand techniques. Even his Cero, which would normally be a standard shooting thing, is shot onto his legs and used in kicking techniques.

Background: Born in the beginning of the 1700’s as a child in a war-torn country, he was given the name of Bruce. His mother was raising him alone. His father had died in a small revolution on the outskirts of town over the reformation of New Jersey from the smaller areas of West Jersey and East Jersey. War was all around the small town, and families either grew their own crops or died of starvation. His family was a peaceful bunch, unfitting for this war-torn land. As such, once the father was dead the surviving spouse began growing crops in their tiny backyard. She barely cultivated enough for the two of them during the warmer months, and they relied on sun-dried variants during the colder half of the year. It was no way for a child to be raised, that’s what she told him on his sixth birthday.

Somehow, though, he already knew that. He knew that he needed to get out of that town if he was ever to survive, and he carried that belief with him until his tenth birthday when he and his mother were killed in a fire started by rebels. His mother’s spirit told him to try to forgive the people, and to meet her in heaven.

No matter how he tried to heed his mother’s words, he couldn’t find it in himself to forgive those who had taken his life so early on. Malice developed, which formed into pure hatred for those who survived, and those who wasted their lives. This wrath-driven hatred formed a shell over him, a shield of malicious intentions strong enough to keep Hollow and Shinigami alike at bay. He plotted his revenge, never quite noticing the way the chain tied to his chest seemed to shrink every day.

It was a surprise to him when he woke up one day from his dream-like state and found himself in a dank, overfilled forest. All he knew was that he heard others in his head, driven by the primal urges to eat and survive. So he went along, feeding off of everything he could. Over time, the other voices died down though, restrained by his more powerful hatred. As he fed, he felt himself growing stronger, yet shrinking down to a more manageable size. Others tried to take advantage of his size and the act of weakness he put on, and they often would chase the small feline across Hueco Mundo, never once realizing that as they got weaker, the cheetah-type Hollow never seemed to tire.

The chases always ended the same way though, with the Gillian weak and unable to move and the cheetah ripping away pieces of flesh. The more he ate, the faster he got, until one day he finally decided to pick on someone who seemed to feed as much as he. This new prey had a routine, a very predictable setup for his hunts. He would wander into a small cave and sing a sorrowful song, capable of controlling movement.

It was during this mournful tune that he was ambushed by a feline Hollow, desperate to devour someone else with strength. Alas, the singing Hollow had no true combative prowess, and was devoured. This final feeding was the last he ever did in that forest, for after that he bounded up the crystalline structures and reached the white sandy surface he had only dreamt of.

He was not alone though, for he found a mysterious robed figure who offered him great power. Not a fool, he accepted and was taught how to remove his Hollow mask and transform into something even greater than the Adjuchas he had become. It took him days, no weeks, for him to finally pull off the dreadful face he had once known as his own.

With that, a sudden rush of power had overwhelmed him, shifting him to a body he vaguely remembered once upon a time: a body actually resembling a human’s. He thanked the man, thanked him numerous times before stopping to ask what he was called. It had been so long, and he had forgotten the name he once had as a human. It was Ginbara. Ginbara Koumyaku, or so he was told.

With that knowledge, he followed the man back to Las Noches where he was given a fresh set of clothes and a sword, said to have his Hollow powers sealed inside. He was told that he would still have a great deal of speed without it, but that he would just reach amazing levels of speed when he performed his…Resurreccion, that’s what they called it...

The last thought he had before he was sent to straighten out the Hollows in the Menos’ Forest was of how much fun this would be.

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Butter Wrestling Warrior


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PostSubject: Re: Ginbara Koumyaku, Espada (Approved)   Sun Mar 21, 2010 9:26 pm

Everything looks good. He's got an interesting personality and fighting style that should be fun to see in action.

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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Ginbara Koumyaku, Espada (Approved)   Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:51 pm

Sounds good to me as well.

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PostSubject: Re: Ginbara Koumyaku, Espada (Approved)   

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Ginbara Koumyaku, Espada (Approved)
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