Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Lasconni Monsabre ((Quinto Espada)) (Approved)

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Lasconni Monsabre

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PostSubject: Lasconni Monsabre ((Quinto Espada)) (Approved)   Mon Mar 22, 2010 12:27 am

Name: Lasconni Monsabre

Age: 243

Visual Age: mid twenties

Gender: Female

Rank: Quinto Espada

Las, as most of the Espada call her, is a rather elegant individual. She wears the classic Arrancer uniform, yet has her's in the form of a long, flowing white skirt. Underneath she wears a pair of black long fitting, elastic like material down to her feet,where her shoes have been outfitting to form heels, white in color. Across her midsection, and chest Las wears a white jacket connected to the skirt from behind. Covering her back up to her shoulders where the fabric narrows, and leaves her shoulders open, covering her chest, and creating a half circle motion leaving her stomach revealed.
On her arms up to her elbows she also wears a twin pair of black gloves.

With long draping white hair, down to her thighs, and a pair of piercing White eyes this Espada catch's the eye of almost any man she meets. A large bang hangs over her left eyes, highlighted by a mole, or beauty mark at the edge of her lip on the corner of the right side. Her fragments of bones reach from the back of her neck, covered by her clothing to the whole of her back, slightly located away from the shoulder the bones have two craters of some kind, maybe showing something belongs there.

Las is a very head-strong women. Preferring to let the mindless males have there fun, and fight there battles. This Espada prefers to go on missions. Only to learn a little bit work about the human world. Mainly the strange clothing, and personalities each one seems to have. Many people who have meet Las normally find her to be quite fluent, and Godly in terms of appearance. Her smoothing, almost seductive like voice seeming like music to those of the opposite sex. With this she can force weak hearted hollows to do her fighting for her. So they can fight for her love. She has even shown skills in getting other Espada to take a load for her, or get something she didn't find interesting done.

Even so Las is a very intelligent individual. Acting on plans previously set in motion, and normally out thinking her enemies has gotten her to her current level. With a sharp mind for finding even the slightly weakness in her adversaries Las can prove quite a hard person to get rid of.

Fighting Style: In battle Las uses her mind and a almost unimaginable level of manipulation to get her allies, and enemies to do as she needs, all while seeming to be nothing, but a women. Most not even considering her a threat, even those of her level normally don't notice the deception she so easily waives till they find themselves cutting into pieces.

Even so Las is equally a great fighter, fighting with Godlike beauty grace, and precision Las wastes no move she makes herself. If she even moves to brush her hair back the Quinto Espada is doing it for a reason. No time is wasted, and if needed she will go into her released form almost instantly.

Her skills come from a mastery of Swordsmenship, a well versed use of Sonido,a herri strong enough for her to catch a blade bare-handed, and a potent Cero able destroy anything before her in a wide radius.

The twin holes in her back are used to constantly draw in electrical energy, molding it into reishi, and discharging it as something Lasconni needs, be it a wide shield, or even act like a booster allowing almost unstoppable flying, and movement abilities.

Living in old school England Las grew up as Mistress Monica. She was fairly the most beautiful women of all of England. Her voice so beautiful so many came to hear her sing. Her parents so proud to see her so happy. Monica would soon come to learn that her parents were so happy because of all the offers to marry there daughter. Kings, Barons, knights, and politicians from all over the land came to see, and marvel Monica with gifts, and richs. It was with this Monica began to hate her life. After having most of life under the watchful eye of her father Monica escaped in the dead of night. Pouring rain, and lightning the Girl ran. Through her father large countryside estate down to the riverside in which she would always play as a child. There she began to cross.

The last she knew she was sinking into the river. The darkness wrapping so tightly around her body, taking the very life out of her lungs. And then...The light.

Waking up in a small cave Monica came to see the face of a demi-hollow. He was standing above the women with a very dreadful stare in his eyes. Monica screamed, and rushed to safety. only to be beaten by the hollow, who blocked her path. His voice was so soft, and Sad Monica's heart became filed with warmth. He was the one that saved her life. So they talked. He had been a fan. Coming to her shows, and listening to every word she sang. It was then he was killed, by her parents. Have gotten the courage to come to her for the first time this man, James, came to her father with a request. Her daughters hand. Her father had him killed for even thinking he was rich enough to marry his daughter.

Filled with sadness Monica cried for his pain, her bottled up feelings about her life flushing out into the open. There she cried for three days, and nights. All while finding herself coming closer, and closer to death.

being taken care of by James Monica slowly began to fall in love with this man. he would steal her food and they would talk, but in her heart Monica knew he was dead, and they could never be together. It would be another three months before Monica told James the truth, that was the day Monica died, and James became a hollow.

Waking up in a distant Land Monica came to into herself in the shape of a bird of some kind. Her wings were bones, and her face also had a mask on it, just as James. However, Monica knew nothing of who she was or her past, she simply knew she craved a place to get away from all the horrible things she felt within herself, and around her. So she flew. Only watching as the sands of Hueco Mundo endlessly continued forward.

After so many days, or years, of wondering, and flying about, killing any who came after her Monica, or Lasconna as she named herself became sick, not from any poison, or disease, but of boredom, and a thirst for something more. It was then she heard the voice. A man covered in the shadows of the sky reached to her. he had a human hand. Lasconna took it, and with his help gained a power unlike no other. Changing her name to Lasconni, meaning Elegant Piercing Arrow.

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Bracamarte Experto


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PostSubject: Re: Lasconni Monsabre ((Quinto Espada)) (Approved)   Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:12 am

Background goes according to forum's story,apart from a few grammar mistakes you pass with
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Lasconni Monsabre ((Quinto Espada)) (Approved)
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