Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 A night of excitment

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Sakura Romanov


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PostSubject: A night of excitment   Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:47 pm

The moon stood high in the sky as the town's bell tower struck 3 A.m. Sweat ran down Sakura's face as the nightmare she had had for so many nights played over and over in her head. The captain she had adored and admired massacred before her eyes, not being able to back her up or to step in. The inner hollow Yang took this oppertnty and started to try to entise it more and more, making the nightmare worsen, keeping Sakuar from awakening. The images grew more vivid and the sounds louder, Sakura tossed and turned as she let out a few screams of horror. From her body a stream of reiatsu seeped out, With a loud scream she tore her concious from the dream and awoke breathing heavely and covered in sweat she tried to regain her breath. "Not agian" She smashed her fist in the ground.

Sakura suddenly sensed a dense spirutal presure, She jumped towards the shack's door, holding her sword in her right hand she moved her head around the corner. A hollow had been atracted towards the leaking reiatsu, The hollow was like a half ox as his upperbody and mask where that of an ox yet his lower body concisted of octopuss tentacles. The giant tentacle swept towards the shack and Sakura rolled out of her shack as it got shattered GOD DAMNIT, do you have any idea how long it takes to build one of those? She shunpo'd towards the hollow and with a Iai she slashed the tentacle that crashed her shack into many smaller pieces. now it seems you need to learn a lesson

The hollow roared of the pain and stepped back before realising who the one was that attacked him, Focusing on Sakura he moved his body back and with a fell charge he aimed his horns at her. Sakura cracked her neck and started moving her lips, Like a whisper the words flowed from her mouth, she hadn;t used much Kido since she became a Vizard so she decided to use a small Hado. Dodging to the side as his head passed her she ended the whisper "Byakurai" she was now aiming for his mask. With a crackling sound a bolt of lightning headed straight for the hollows mask. The lightning bolt hit the mask and a crack was created along the entire mas'ks length, Sakura dashed towards it. The hollow feeling death apraoch him with every inch Sakura closed in on him, made a desperate attempt to create more distance. Whipping his Tentacles towards sakura as he used his humanized arms to move away. Sakura avoided the tentacles one by one and slashed them open or cut into pieces, With a shunpo she dissappeared out of sight and appeared before the hollow's mask with a thrust she let her sword stab into the crack "Rest in pieces" She twisted the sword and the mask shattered into pieces and the hollow disintergrated with it.
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A night of excitment
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