Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Oops! i just chopped off my mom's head

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Gabriel M.


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PostSubject: Oops! i just chopped off my mom's head   Sun Apr 25, 2010 3:15 pm

Quote :
A Munich man got into some kind of argument with his parents, which resulted in them telling him to move out. It seems he really didn't want to. Apparently, his mother was reading the newspaper when he snueaked up behind her with a 45 inch samurai sword (seriously, does everyone go to Japan but me?) and chopped her head off, sling blade style. He then called the police and gave them the old, "Oops! I just chopped off my mom's head."

In the second case, a man called up the fire department with the request that paramedics retrieve him before he hurt himself. This guy was a selfish bastard because, ten minutes later, emergency services got another call from his mother at the same apartment saying that her son -- who they had just picked up and brought to safety -- had attacked her with a sword then left, and she was left to crawl to the phone while bleeding out. It turns out that he attacked her brutally with a samurai sword (seriously). She probably said something on the phone like, "that stupid fuck left me to rot." I'm not sure if he didn't have the chop 'n' slice motion down or what. This sword must have been a dull replica, or he had really bad aim, because he didn't quite chop anything off, but rather nearly amputated his mother's arm. The mother said she wasn't pressing charges, and the son never gave an explanation.
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Oops! i just chopped off my mom's head
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