Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Another Day Around the Sanctuary

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Tuwa Cheveyo


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PostSubject: Another Day Around the Sanctuary   Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:56 pm

As he walked through the silent corridors it seemed that most of the vizards we're still sleeping. Tuwa reached the kitchen and as it was somewhat still not messy as usual, probably no one besides him was awake in the end. He opened the refrigerator and picked up a juicebox that was in its half and walked his way out the sanctuary.

He decided to take his time before going behind that Takeshi guy he and Sin were told to, but he would go alone after him today as he had some schedules around in the city too. He walked until reach a small lake in the forest still inside the barrier, and sat near it's shore while pulling his belt so the zampakuto would rest on his lap, as he watched the place drinking.

After spending some hours there, he stood up and started to walk, crossing the barrier and going his way toward the city...

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Another Day Around the Sanctuary
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