Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Atsushi Saburo (Approved)

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Atsushi Saburo

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PostSubject: Atsushi Saburo (Approved)   Sun May 02, 2010 1:21 pm

Name: Atsushi Saburo

Age: 19

Years Since Gaining Quincy Powers: 3

Gender: Male

Current Location: Centre of Tokio

Occupation: Detective

Quincy Rank: Knight

Appearance: He almost always bears a stern look on his face which rarely changes it.

Casual Clothes:

He rarely wears his white robes, that would be while attending formal meetings or meeting in-person one of the Council members. His robes don't bear the quincy coat of arms and his face is hidden by a white hood that always keeps it on his head. He holds his quincy cross on his fingers and frequently toys with it. His facial features are noteworthy; he has a small afro, hazel eyes and fuzzy eyebrows. His body's structure resembles that of a fit man; well-structured, lean and also he is quite tall.

Atsushi is a rather tranquil person, prefering to avoid excitement or great activity so as to be calm and relaxed. He is a temperate person and rarely gets angry, and should he get angry, he will later try to calm himself via various means. Prudent with his job and rank, in combat as well, he is not the type of person who would act recklessly, instead he will closely observe his enemy until he finds a weakness of him. Respected cause of being intrepid as he is willing to take any risky task that could even cost his life and respectful toward certain people tied with him, esp. his family.

He is extremely loyal to the Council, regarding them absolute and divine beings because of their power and intelligence. Though he knows the basic rules of commands, he still isn't enough experienced to be regarded authorative. He appears to be quite noble though, to some points magnanimous or naive, as he could even release a captured enemy, even going as far to defy the council's command.

In addition, he prefers to complete his missions in a discreet way. Also he appears to be partially superstitious especially when he has failed to achieve task, attributing his failure to luck, chance or fate. He is a ardent follower of the chivarlic principles and most of his actions are directed by them.

All in all, he is a man of integrity.

Fighting Style: Expert in the use of crossbow, adept in most of the Quincy Techniques, more maneuvers used than reckless attacks. He is proficient with guns as a result of his occupation. Expert user of Hirenkyaku. Due to his calm nature, he prefers on doing things in a more discreet manner. As a result he has recently been training to the ways of an assasin, so as to kill the enemy unnoticed rather than be revealed and combat him in the open, though his skill isn't equal with his rank so he refrains from using it...yet.

Born in a middle-class family, he was the youngest of the three brothers his parents gave birth to. While he acted like a normal kid from his early childhood and liked playing with other kids, he prefered more staying in quiet and soothing places, as they gave him an enchanting feeling, a feeling of what he could relate it to genuine peace. As he grew up, he started seeing monsters, and at first he was extremely afraid of them and avoided them.

Though he tried to keep it hidden from his parents as he didn't want to scare them too, there were times that he attempted to. But over the course of time, he eventually got used to them and gradually ignored them. He continued his normal life, having entered high school now and making new friends, he began to stop going to the beach so as to relax and became a more hectic person. Like every normal teenager he was openly defiant to his parent's will and command. This sequence continued until one day his parents had a bad accident and they were attended to a hospital where they gave off their final breath. His brothers learned about it after a few hours and one of them wanted to meet Atsushi to inform him about it. When he about to tell him about this sad event, he was very indifferent at first but when he listened to what he said, a deep anguish overcame him.

Next morning, he woke up with still the same torment in his mind, many regrets overflowing his mind. The three brothers gather outside their home, or their former home. They couldn't accept being adopted another family, and start over a new life, but instead they prefered to start by zero by their own. So their paths were separated, each one taking a different direction, before giving oaths that they will meet once again at the same place.

He wandered around the city, the pain less than it was days ago but still unbearable. He only had few money in his pockets that could preserve him for another 2-3 days. He sleeped in a bench night after night. And thus another uninteresting sequence continued, in which he lived in poverty. The fateful day came, when he would unlock his true potential. While sitting on the bench, sleeping, his was suddenly awaken by a slight but echoing noise. Soon, he stood up as the noise became more persistent, and walked toward its source. What he saw truly made him fall in his knees by the extreme awe he felt; a man fighting one of the monsters. The man looked weary and was probably at his limit. This was proved when he was sent flying by the monster's fist, rendered helpless while the monster was gonna finish him off. Suddenly it stopped and focused on Atsushi, due to his reiroyku being greater than the quincy's but the reason was unknown to him at that time of course. He didn't step back, instead he charged at it, having nothing to lose even if he died. The hollow could have easily killed him but alas at the last moment it was pierced by an arrow at the chest.

The man stood up and recognised the human as a reiryoku user, probably better than his but still untamed. The quincy offered him a chance to join their ranks and he gladly offered as they could offer him a home and food. He established a deep and trusting bond with that quincy from that day and saw him as something similar to his parents; a patron. He was trained as a quincy and was officially an one in one year. He learned everything about the hollows, quincy, pluses and the shinigami. Even the beings known as superhumans, known of their rather unique and challenging powers. He obeyed every order given by the council with modesty and loyalty and as a result he quickly rose to their ranks, even surpassing his friend. By the time he was adult, he was an refined man who was loyal to the council and their number one quincy knight.

Over the course of time, his torment was lifted but he didn't choose to let his parents fall into oblivion. As a result he starting visiting the beach, which it reminded of him and was as well a mean to regain his lost serenity.
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Atsushi Saburo

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PostSubject: Re: Atsushi Saburo (Approved)   Wed May 05, 2010 7:00 am

I am done with this text and also editted the fighting style.

Pleach check it anytime soon ^^.
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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Atsushi Saburo (Approved)   Wed May 05, 2010 3:50 pm

I don't see any glaring problems. Your grammar could use some work, but besides that it is okay. So he will be a Quincy Assassin. Interesting.

Also, if those are his casual clothes, I can only wonder what his nice clothes look like.

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PostSubject: Re: Atsushi Saburo (Approved)   

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Atsushi Saburo (Approved)
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