Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Ranryou Roga: RP Sample (Approved)

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PostSubject: Ranryou Roga: RP Sample (Approved)   Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:43 pm

It was going to be an interesting day in the 2nd squad. Today Ranryou got to go to the Maggots nest for a few question, and answer. As things today stood there was someone who's zanpakuto had gone rouge. Killing most of it's owners Squad members, and even it's Captain. It was for Ranryou to find, and kill the Zanpakuto, and to find out what was really going on by the swords master.

"AHHHH!!!! Today is seriously jam-packed. Can't even get a nice night's sleep without someone or something coming up dead."

Stepping from his room Captain Roga used the palm of his hand to wipe the sleep from his left eye. His right covered by his messy dark crimson hair.

Taking the time to make a a round through the barracks Roga came across a few training members of his stealth squad. They were trying to use high level Shinpo maneuvers, although they were failing. Stepping up to the man Ranryou waved shyly.

"Good morning man. Lovely morning is it not?"

Flipping onto his hands Ranryou extended his legs into the air. Balancing himself on both hands. Then from his neck on up bones began to crack. Ranryou exhaling a sigh of relief as he returned to the up-right position. One of his men stepped up to him whispering into his ear.

"Sir. It's almost evening. You slept all day."

With a smile Ranryou turned to his right. During the first few motions of the turn he would disappear into thin air. Not a sound being made.

Using one step Ranryou arrived at the 6th division barracks. Looking at the doors before seeming to walk right through them. Now on the other side Ranryou would appear at the entrance to the jail, and then at the 6th division Captain's office. Where he could hear voices.

"Seems he's business. Guess I should join in."

Stepping into the office Ranryou came to a sudden stop. two pair of eyes on him now.

"Head Captain i didn't expect to see you here."

With a nod from the head Captain Ranryou closed the door. Stepping to the window, and looking out with a look of empty on his face.

"So which one of you is the zapakuto, and which one is real?"

The head Captain suddenly turned towards Ranryou with his hand out. His body just as quickly jerking backwards, and stalling. Blood down pouring across the 6th squad Captain floor. Or if this was what the enemy called an office. Ranryou now stood with his blade through the head Cpatain heart. The Captain's face, a dryless, and expressionless mode of itself.

Drawing his blade out Ranryou kicked the now dead Head Captain to the ground. Swinging his sword out to get the blood off Ranryou returned it to his shealth. Before stepping out of the office Ranryou turned back to the 6th squad Captain with a smile on his face.

"You know next time you should try to fake another person. I can see straight through your illusion. I'll find my way out of this place sooner or later."

Ranryou watched the room fade away before the rest os existence followed. He now found himself in a clearing. nothing around but the tree to his right. 50 yrds so so away. Ranryou look to his right, and left before focusing on something dead ahead from him. After a long look Ranryou came to find that it wasn't a something, and quite a few somethings. Directly ahead from Ranryou about a mile or two away marchered a large group of hollow. hundreds maybe. All with lust of his death in there eyes.

Slidding his foot back, and taking up a fighting stance Ranryou only smiled.

"This should be interesting."

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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Ranryou Roga: RP Sample (Approved)   Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:26 am

You still have some grammar mistakes here and there but most of them are minor. At the very least they don't break the flow of the post which is the main worry. And considering the length of the post, a few errors should be expected.

Just make sure to watch out for small mistakes like repeated words or misplaced punctuation and everything should be fine. With that, you are fully

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Ranryou Roga: RP Sample (Approved)
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