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A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Kaiser Namakame RP Sample (Approved)

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Kaiser Namakame

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PostSubject: Kaiser Namakame RP Sample (Approved)   Sun Feb 21, 2010 10:44 pm

Kaiser stood before the new batch of rookies like a statue, inspecting them. He had been training them for the past few weeks. The rookies didn't know what to make of him, having seen him for the first time. Some seemed scared stiff by his ghostly appearance and others were put off by his seemingly laid-back posture and his shorter Zanpaktou. Still others thought they could fight him, due to his age. However, they all stood resolute, ready for whatever speech he had. All except one. This rookie, in particular, was hot-headed and arrogant. He wanted power and he was sick of Kaiser's training, as he saw it as slow and useless. Kaiser, however, began speaking.

"Good morning," Kaiser stated, "I trust that you all have followed up your training. Not just combat training, of course, but also training of the mind. As Captain of the 9th Division, I wish for individuals capable of thinking on their feet and analyzing every aspect of the situation before acting upon it. Meditation training is a key ingredient in mental training and without mental training, one will not be capable of communicating with their Zanpaktou effectively and will not be able to achieve Bankai. So, we shall all medita-"

"Forget that! You know of a better way to achieve Bankai, old fart!"

Kaiser was interrupted by the hot-headed rookie. The others gasped in shock as they looked at him, but Kaiser merely looked at his student with that same calm expression. He stayed silent, knowing that the student had much on his mind.

"We've been meditating and training for weeks," the rookie yelled, "and still, we have not even achieved Shikai! You know the secrets, so tell us!"

Kaiser merely raised an eyebrow. "Or you'll what?" he asked.

The rookie seemed taken aback. He had not expected such a response and was stumbling over himself, trying to respond. "I'll... I'll... I'll defeat you and make you tell me the secrets!" The rookie then charged at Kaiser, unsheathing his own Zanpaktou. The other rookies tried to stop him, but the hot-headed one was already closing in on Kaiser. Kaiser merely bowed his head a little and closed his eyes. The rookie sliced at Kaiser...

And stopped, inches from seemingly cleaving Kaiser in two.

"Come on, old man! Fight!" the rookie yelled.

"Mmm... you seem to be under the assumption that I haven't already retaliated," Kaiser responded. All of the rookies, but especially the hot-headed rookie, gaped in shock and awe as the hot-headed rookie's uniform was slashed in three places, twice on the sleeves and one on the top part of the uniform. A cut also appeared on the rookie's cheek. The rookie backed off and eventually fell on his butt, shaking with fear.

"Why do you shake, young one?" Kaiser asked, "Did you think I would seriously mortally wound a student in retaliation?"


"Quiet, student," Kaiser interrupted, "This is but one of many lessons you will learn in our training. There is no easy or quick path. Every action has a reaction, every cause, an effect and every decision, a consequence. Had I truly wished death upon you, you would not still be breathing. I decided to not do so, because there is still much you have to learn, all of you." Kaiser looked upon his students, who were still gaping in awe. "Let this incident be a lesson. Never rush a strange opponent. Recognize his or her strengths, analyze his or her weaknesses and act according to them. Is this clear?"

"Yes, Captain!"

"Y-Y-Y-Yes Captain," the hot-headed rookie stammered. "I-I'm sorry, Captain."

"For what?" Kaiser responded, a kindly smile on his face, "Had you not taken your action, you would not have learned this valuable lesson. You have, in fact, taken one step further in the right direction." Kaiser helped the rookie up. "If any of you has a concern or question, do not be afraid to talk to me. I am not here to hinder your training, only to help. Is this clear?"

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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Kaiser Namakame RP Sample (Approved)   Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:17 pm

Great. Nothing else to say.


Now you are truly captain.
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Kaiser Namakame RP Sample (Approved)
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