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A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Robert Goldstein (Approved)

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Robert Goldstein

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PostSubject: Robert Goldstein (Approved)   Tue Jul 27, 2010 5:47 pm

Name: Robert Goldstein

Age: 48

Years Since Gaining Superhuman Powers: 24

Gender: Male

Current Location: North America (New York)

Occupation: CEO of an automobile manufacturer.

Rank: Overseer

Appearance: Robert is a fairly un-intimidating person. He stands at 5'6" and is slightly overweight. He is usually focused on keeping his company running so has not been able to exercise much leaving him a little chubby. However, under the flabby exterior he is actually pretty strong though he rarely gets a chance to show it. His hair to his great annoyance is already starting to grey primarily due to the stress of his job and Superhuman activities. He has been trying to use dying solutions to make his hair look closer to his original brown but it has only been slightly successful. He is always cleanshaven as he hates the feeling of hair on his face, especially when that hair is also graying. He has dark brown eyes and permanent wrinkles on his forehead due to his tendency to narrow his eyebrows all the time.

He usually is seen wearing a suit or other formal wear. However, if he had his way he would always wear his favorite black trenchcoat with matching sunglasses. He buys a new one every few months so it is usually in very nice condition just like all of his clothes. He personally feels that clothes are a big part of appearance and will never hesitated to buy more if his current set is getting old.

Personality: Altogether Robert is a fairly quiet person. He only speaks if he feels he needs to speak or has something he specifically wishes to talk about. Some people think he is arrogant because of this, but he prefers to quietly think about things rather than engage in idle chit-chat. He is almost always thinking about some new plan or idea and rarely will think about something else until he is done with the current idea. He is not one to be swayed by emotions usually preferring to rely on logic and statistics to make decisions.

However, if someone gets him angry, he changes drastically. While it takes awhile to get him upset, he rages once he is pushed over the breaking point. He has been known to quickly get violent when angry and can take awhile to calm down. It is for this reason that he keeps a punching bag in his office that he can vent his frustrations on when he feels he is getting too riled up.

As one of the Superhuman Overseers, he is fairly influential in the organization as a whole. He feels it is necessary to put the secrecy of the group above anything else and it is difficult to get him to approve any order that could draw attention to them. However, if he does approve of something, at that point he usually leaves the actual organization and implementation of the plan to the more physically powerful Overseers feeling that it is not his place to interfere in an area he is below-average in. Despite his quiet nature, he actually takes great pride in his accomplishments and with the organization as a whole.

Due to being the CEO of a major corporation and a multi-millionaire in his own right, Robert also has some powerful political connections with other CEOs and politicians all over America and a few in other countries as well. This was also part of the reason why he became an Overseer as he can use his influence to quiet things about the Organization if necessary.

Fighting Style: Robert is more of a supporter than an actual fighter. He can use his abilities to transport people across long distances which makes him invaluable to the Organization. However, if forced to fight he usually focuses on basic martial arts or weapon fighting if there is a useable weapon in the area. He knows a little martial arts due to some study when he was younger and can hold his own for a bit in a fight against a regular human or weaker spiritual beings. However, against stronger enemies his first instinct is to try to flee and let someone better suited fight for him.

Background: Robert had a fairly uneventful life in his early years. He was very good at schoolwork usually placing at the top levels of his classes. Even then he was still one of the quiet students, getting good grades but rarely participating with the other classmates. This continued until he reached college where two important events happened.

The first was that he on a whim started to take some business classes despite his original intention to be a lawyer. He quickly found that he excelled in business situations and also enjoyed the classes as well. As one of the classes' requirements was that he had to intern for a semester, he chose to work at a nearby car business. He quickly found his own niche in the business and continued rising up the ranks after he graduated college. Eventually he even gained a seat on the board of directors.

The second important event during his college years was that he started to see things. At first they were rather hazy outlines out of the corner of his eye. He ignored them at first figuring they were just small hallucinations from his brain that was tired from studying for finals. However, as time passed the became clearer until he realized that he was actually seeing ghosts. Nonplussed by this sudden development, he took some time trying to understand what was going on with him. He eventually started going to psychics to see if any of them could explain what was happening to him. While most of them were frauds, the last one he went to was actually a Superhuman General. The General quickly realized that Robert was developing his own powers and entered him into the organization.

At first Robert stayed near the bottom of the organization focusing more on his business duties and only doing things when directly ordered which was rare. However, this changed as he started to come up with new applications for his power. While they weren't very useful in battle, he started to wonder if there was more he could do with them. After witnessing a shinigami appearing in New York via the Senkaimon, an idea formed in his mind to try to use his powers to create something similar that Superhumans could use.

It ended up taking about 12 years for him to have any actual results. Despite talking to many shinigami, most were reluctant to explain anything about the Senkaimon. However after a long period of time Robert finally got enough information to make his own variety. It still took hundereds of tries before he could make something even remotely stable and nearly took his own life a few times. However, he eventually did manage to get his own version working. When it was discovered that he had completed his long distance transportation abilitiy, he was promoted to being one of the three North American Overseers.

Since then his life has been nothing but stress between becoming the new CEO of the automobile company when the previous one retired and continuing his duties as an Overseer. However, he continues to try to balance everything out even when it sometimes requires him to take breaks from both. With the new Spiritual War beginning though, his troubles will soon increase many times over.
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PostSubject: Re: Robert Goldstein (Approved)   Tue Jul 27, 2010 6:28 pm

Man, after seeing really bad applications in the last several days, I never thought that seeing a good profile, albeit one made by the god-emperor, would be so relieving.

Well, it's the type of profile that I like: short, concise, and simple. Also, Robert's the first overseer to actually have influence in the world, so that's nice.

Everything seems to be in line. Hope he gets out of New York before the Primera blasts it back to the Stone Age. Wink


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Robert Goldstein (Approved)
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