Bleach: Awakening of the Elder Ones

A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Kurokotsu Dokueki rp sample (Approved)

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Madame Rose


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PostSubject: Kurokotsu Dokueki rp sample (Approved)   Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:44 pm

A figure watched as Kurokotsu walked into a cold, dark room and sent a small Shakkaho spell at each of the four piles of hay, one per corner. The dim lighting they let off illuminated the room enough for Kurokotsu to see this figure: A Gigai made by Kurokotsu. It had been programmed to self-heal, dodge like a semi-intelligent person would, and adapt its fighting styles to whatever situation it was set into. In short, it was the perfect sparring partner for Kurokotsu to face off against. With a light chuckle, the Gigai drew his blade, a nameless Zanpakuto that reflected the dull rays of light that illuminated it. Slowly, the shadowy foe walked toward the plainly clad Captain.

“Unfurl your wings, heavenly body. Twist their ambitions, demonic host. Hekikaisou…” Kurokotsu called out as he ran toward the figure swathed in black cloth and unsheathed his Zanpakuto. With a metallic clang, the blades met in midair, Kurokotsu’s slowly pushing the empty blade aside until it scraped along the ground. With his confidence slightly shaken, the Gigai could only watch Kurokotsu simply use Shunpo and appear behind him, blade coated in shadows from being in the one dark corner of the room.

Ready for his enemy to go behind him, the nameless Gigai flicked his right wrist so that his Zanpakuto flipped around, blade resting lightly on his elbow. With a deft strike backwards, he caught the edge of Kurokotsu’s haori on his blade, and aimed to rip it clean off. “You’re getting rusty, master…” It said slowly, as if trying to understand the emotion behind the words that had been taught to him.

“Not rusty, just not quite warmed up enough to go all-out, yet,” Kurokotsu said with an apparent sigh, twisting his body so that the Gigai’s Zanpakuto still held onto his haori, without him being caught up too. Once freed from the white, flapping garment, his master quickly swung at his legs. What he hadn’t expected though was the way that Gigai leapt over his Zanpakuto, landed on top of it, and flung the Captain’s robe into his face.

With his foe blinded, the Gigai watched as Kurokotsu placed his left palm down onto the flat part of his blade. Only partially aware of what was coming, he did not know to leap away. As Kurokotsu released Hado number eleven, Tsuzuri Raiden onto his weapon, he tried to get away. The lightning crackled as it traveled down the Zanpakuto, reaching the place where he, the training Gigai, was standing.

The burst of electricity scared the Gigai off, the bottom of his clothing scorched from the force with which that lightning burst toward him. Even without the spirit chant, his master could do a lot of damage with a spell like that, using the latent reiatsu in his blade to slightly amplify the power of a Hado technique.

“I may be Gigai number seventy-three, but that doesn’t mean I still need a lot of improvements, master. I know most of your tricks, if not all of them,” the newly-revealed Gigai Seventy-Three said softly, running up to his master and, with a lot of force, knocking the large blade out of Kurokotsu’s hands.

“Damn, I guess I programmed you too well, then, Seventy-Three…” The Gigai heard out of Kurokotsu’s mouth as he watched the Captain’s blade slide across the polished floor. With the master unarmed, though, he quickly sheathed his own sword and went to recall the Zanpakuto of his Captain.

“Anything else now, master?” He asked softly as he bowed down and handed Hekikaisou back to its master. He nodded softly though, scurrying back to the black section of this room as he was told no, and that he had done well enough. “Very well, then. I look forward to our next match, master…” He said quietly as he went into sleep mode. As he watched his master walk away, though, he could only think and wait and hope for that next match to occur.
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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Kurokotsu Dokueki rp sample (Approved)   Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:11 pm

Seems interesting. I am surprised you actually had Kurokotsu "lose" but then again it was more just close combat fighting rather than a true battle. So meh


You are fully captain now.
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Kurokotsu Dokueki rp sample (Approved)
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