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A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Akutore Ginkiba, Super-frea-human (Approved)

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Madame Rose


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PostSubject: Akutore Ginkiba, Super-frea-human (Approved)   Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:44 pm

Name: Akutore Ginkiba

Age: Twenty-three

Years Since Gaining Superhuman Powers: Seven

Gender: Female

Current Location: Karakura Town

Occupation: Writer by choice, Engineer by trade

Rank: Overseer

Appearance: Akutore tends to stand out wherever she is, more because of her choices in clothing than any personality traits. She has long spiky hair the color of amethysts, even down to light purple accents and stripes of her natural hair color of black throughout the dark purple hair that tends to cover up her dull brown eyes more often than not. Blots of oil and ink tend to accumulate as she does her work, so she prefers to wear dark blues and blacks so as to conceal them best. Her loose-fitting sweater covers up most of her upper body, largely hiding what little cleavage she does have. At the edges of the sweater are pieces of black string that tie it onto black fingerless gloves, wrapping around and through the holes at the seams. A pair of loose black jeans cover her legs and are tied down to a pair of dark blue leather sneakers by lengths of dark gray string.

Personality: Akutore is a fun-loving individual, never one to avoid saying anything she may be thinking just because it might piss somebody off. However, this manner only serves to disguise her strategic thinking, and lure her enemies into thinking she’s less intelligent than she is. Her hair, her mannerisms, her style of dress, they all add to the persona she puts on when she has to perform her duties as an Overseer. She doesn’t believe in being too hard on subordinates, nor is she one to let them know exactly what is on her mind. If she needs something done, she’s likely to do it herself rather than put it onto someone else.

Fighting Style: Akutore relies on a mixture of quick-thinking and her powers to get through most fights. If her tricks are seen through, she can focus her powers to create the brute strength one would need to defeat a stronger foe.

Background: Akutore was a standard little girl: Bright-eyed, brown-haired, and equipped with enough energy to handle anything the world had to throw at her. She focused her energy on learning rather than playing, though. Due to this, she quickly became smarter than anybody else in her tiny neighborhood. Her mother was proud of her, said that her father would have been so proud to have seen her.

When she was twelve, something changed. She stopped caring about the friends she did have, and began building these weird things. Her mothers’ garage was filled with half-completed experiments and creations that would do chores for her and do things that she couldn’t do herself. She even had one little robot named ‘E-Q100’ that could perceive strange figures and relay the information to her. One day, though, it showed her an image of a large Hollow, one that had long blood-covered blades on its face, and a glowing body.

With her little robot pal leading the way, and a bow and arrow set she had rigged with the same technology, she made her way to the Hollow. She shot little arrows at it for about a half hour, before a Shinigami came and extinguished it in one strike of his blade. He immediately went down to her, asking if she could see him and if she had been the one holding off the Hollow. Ayutore had just grinned, nodding and saying that she couldn’t hear a single thing the man said, that her technology only allowed her to see him.
Over time, the same techniques that she used to see that first Hollow improved, until she could also dispatch them with various self-made pieces of weaponry. She had bows, staves, blades, and chains, all of which she had unknowingly infused with her latent powers. Over time by killing those Hollows, though, her powers slowly became active. After four years of using them, she could see and fight Hollows with just her eyes and basic weapons. That was when she first realized how different she truly was.
She went off to a boarding school at the request of her mother, and promptly disappeared with the aid of her intellect. For a brief year she wandered around Japan and sold herself out as an exorcist, relying on the rich folk who believed they were haunted. Some were, some weren’t, but she always made the money she needed to pay for food, clothing, and transport to the next town.
At the end of this journey, Akutore had a firm grasp on her basic powers, and was spotted by a Superhuman General who complimented her on not getting herself devoured or some such nonsense. She was told to cultivate her skills in a single town, and to build herself a solid life that she could go back to if needed.
With that knowledge, she bought an apartment and began setting up her little corner of the engineering empire. On the day after her fifteenth birthday, she was visited again, this time by an Overseer. She was told that she was ready to join their ranks and fight Hollows for a cause, as opposed to just doing it because she could.
So excited, Akutore decided to build herself a little gift to celebrate the occasion. She built a pair of thin silver bracelets, each one with a single piece of purple metal in the shape of a gemstone. She placed a siphon in there, something that could drain her powers and place them into the bracelets so she could fight no matter what, as long as she had them on her.
Akutore didn’t do much from fifteen on, nothing but killing Hollows, rising through the Superhuman ranks, and expanding her engineering career. By the time she was twenty-one, she was responsible for a small, but very successful business that supplied parts to various people. Everything from gun parts to computers could be found at her little shop, affectionately known as ‘The Crap Found in my Dresser’.
With the money and freedom that comes from earning a nice living, Akutore was allowed to take up a hobby. With her free time, she wrote about the adventures she had and the creatures she’d slain. Of course, it was published as fiction, and became something of a favorite among a small group of fans. It was carried in her shop once it was published, and was typically sold alongside a small electric knife, much like one that was used quite often in the stories.

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Butter Wrestling Warrior


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PostSubject: Re: Akutore Ginkiba, Super-frea-human (Approved)   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:35 pm

I would like to learn a bit more about her, like how she climbed the ranks to become an Overseer, but that doesn't have to be done right now.

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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Akutore Ginkiba, Super-frea-human (Approved)   Mon Mar 01, 2010 10:01 pm

It seems okay. Interesting character all around. The idea that she could fire at a hollow for a half an hour is a little far-fetched. They can sense spirit energy and since you were melding it to make the weapons work, they should have been able to find you.

But that is a small complaint and small complaints are ignored.

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PostSubject: Re: Akutore Ginkiba, Super-frea-human (Approved)   

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Akutore Ginkiba, Super-frea-human (Approved)
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