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A Bleach RP based in an alternate universe. Years of struggle and strife are common on this planet. But this chaos is slowly catching the attention of those that should have remained asleep.
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 Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)

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Fukki Kurayami


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PostSubject: Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)   Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:34 am

Name: Tuwa Cheveyo

Age: 166 Visual Age: 26
Years in Soul Society: 119
-Years in Gotei 13 : 97
Years Since Leaved SS: 47

Gender: Male

Former Division: 4th

Former Shinigami Rank: 5th seat

Rank: High Elite

Personality: He is a really extroverted person, who likes to spent hours and hours talking about random and strange stuff, sometimes even annoying whos around him. He enjoy been involved within anything no matter what it is, it don't really matter for him, he likes to have many things to do or places to go. He is always ready to help out anyone who asks or really need it, been a very softhearted and reliable person most of the time. When alone he usually keep talking with his zampakuto spirit, until finds something to do. He is usually smiling all the time, but can show a very serious mood if anything would happen with anyone close related to him.
He doesn't really like to take the lead, he would to stay behind until the right time to act or his help is truly needed. It bothers him to have to take important decisions, if he needs so, he usually acts by his instincts on which seems the better choice, not really caring about how risky it is.

Inner Hollow Personality: His inner hollow,Yoki, doesn't really care about no one or even about himself, he just want to attack and destroy everything he can in his sight, he hates silly talks, for him its a waste of time to talk when he could use that time to destroy something or someone. He keeps trying to break loose whenever Tuwa tries to not kill his enemy in a fight. Making him have a hard time whenever Yoki manages to gain the control, always using almost all his energy and needing to take some severe rest after regaining the control.
Inner Hollow Appearance: Yoki wears dark blue and black clothes opposing to Tuwa's preferred cloth colors, the only real diference between them is that Yoki's hair and eyes are black and his skin is more pale.



Fighting Style: While fighting he tries the most to don't make it last way too long, if he realize that he can't make it that way, he'd probably attack searching a way out and try to run, he is the kind of person who might strike and also run first during a battle, except when theres a friend of his around, staying to help him.

Background : He was born within a shaman tribe, and as his father he would gain his shaman title, and work helping his tribe as a healer and mediator for the spirits after his manhood test. Unfortunately he didn't like the idea of had to be stuck helping out others, even been the younger one with the ability to see spirits and seeing them way more easily than the elders of his tribe, he didn't cared about that stupid test which he would easily pass he just wanted to keep talking about stupids things together with his friend a deer spirit. But while doing his way through the test route, he heard a strange sound, coming right after the next turn of the route where his friend always was, after reaching it he saw a large and strange black monster eating up his friend soul, he didn't know what to do. He froze right there watching that disgusting scene, until the next thing he saw was a big dark hand coming from behind, crushing him down.
After noticing that he was now dead, he tried run away from those soul eater monsters, but after he noticed that they we're now going ahead in the direction of his tribe, he turned around and started to run back to attack them when he was interrupted by a strange man in black clothing carrying a sword, who slashed them to pieces in seconds. After that when he was about to thank him, the strange man fastly used some kind of ritual that he didn't understand, and sent him to soul society.

He survived alone on the streets of west rukongai, always thinking about his lack of power been unable to save his friend. One day a lieutenant who passed by sensed a strange energy flowing around, even been weak, it really bothered him, even more after he discovered that the source of that was a unconscious boy in the streets, he asked him if he wouldn't like to join the academy, and with the chance to move towards and become strong, he decided to follow and accept that strange offer. In the academy he wasn't a really popular person, always been mocked around by his classmates, even so he proved to be an excellent kido user and average Zanjutsu user, not been so skilled in HoHõ or Hakuda.

Due that, after he completed the academy he got transferred right to the 4th division as a low rank shinigami, helping to take care of some injuries of trainings and fights, there he always heard from some low ranks a lot of strange things and random stuff about soul society and the human world which he missed so much, things as hollows and how they fought against it, or how north rukongai had turned out more violent than the normal, or about a strange guy who sold gigais for long missions in the human world, he really enjoyed that kind of work, which he never really thought he would like, even so it always made him stay thinking during hours and hours about the fact that no matter what, there was always someone hurt in the end.
One day when he was at the training grounds during his day off, while resting seating under a tree looking his zampakuto, he started to think about what he could do so people wouldn't get hurt, he couldn't understand why that was so hard, to make people don't have to fight. He really wished hard that anyone wouldn't have to fight, falling sleep tired from his training.

While he slept he saw a strange world slowly appear around him, a greeny small area surrounded by a large rocky plain inside a vast and infinite desert, then he felt a tail rubbing against his leg and saw a great golden horse sleeping over the grass. He slowly crouched approaching it until he heard a voice coming from everywhere repeating a name over and over as he repeated it the eyes of the horse opened filling everything withing a immense golden light and making he wake up with a long quarterstaff in his hands.

After years working on the 4th division, he couldn't bear that strange feeling of been useless, acting just when someone would get hurt, so he decided to leave Soul Society and those stupid rules, orders and duties behind, he followed another division which was using the Senkaimon to go to the human world, as if he belonged to it too.
When they've reached the human world he waited until he had sure that everybody was busy, and started to ran while hiding his reiatsu away, it would take some time before they realized he had disappeared in his division. After some days, while he was seated over a water tank looking down the movement in the street, a voice from above him asked him why he was there if he wasn't from the shinigami patrol of the town. Don't even caring, been bored and saddned by not finding the gigai seller, he says exactly why he was there for so long now, and receive a proposal from the voice that if he helped him maybe in the end could get the gigai he wished so much, after hearing that words he instantly turned around and saw a strange man in green with another two other men behind him, both seeming absurdly strong. He didn't knew why he couldn't notice their presence until that moment, making it a really hard time to even think about answering no to it. He received the power of the hollows, and trained and worked as bodyguard under that man orders, during most of time when those two weren't around, until he asked him to stay in Karakura town while he was out for some time.

He made his life doing random works around the town as a street performer, singing and sleeping at bars and helping out souls and humans when the shinigamis couldn't handle everything or weren't around, until while he rested on a roof, he felt a familiar presence to approach him fastly turning to see it, unfortunately it was not his master, but it was undoubtedly another vizard. He didn't know what to do or what that person wanted with him, the strange in green cloths broke the silence laughing from that awkward situation, while asked if he wouldn't want to join them. After he heard that, he didn't thought twice to answer that question, after finally meeting people like him after such a long time.

[Open to suggestions about it, and i already know about the grammar errors kuro i'll try to clean it]
[working on the sample]

Last edited by Fukki Kurayami on Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:39 am; edited 10 times in total (Reason for editing : just added another pic in appearance topic)
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Stauracius Diogenes


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PostSubject: Re: Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)   Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:07 pm

It follows the storyline accurately,apart from some grammar mistakes you character seems fine to RP.

Just an advice
You may wanna add more info on your personality,if he is extroverted he is talkative,also he gets bored of things too easily,anything else you wanna add in it.

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Zafaron Uriuc

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PostSubject: Re: Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)   Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:06 pm

I really need to know if he is going to be a high elite or a rogue. If he is going to be an elite then there needs to be a few changes near the end of his backstory. If he is a rogue then it works pretty well.
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Zafaron Uriuc

Posts : 772
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Age : 26
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PostSubject: Re: Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 4:34 pm

The changes look good. Like I mentioned in the chatbox, maybe add that the other vizard mentions your master as it then you would for sure join with them. After all, the Elite Vizards all know of the creator of the Vizards.

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PostSubject: Re: Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)   

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Tuwa Cheveyo (Vizard) (Approved)
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